Install a Luxurious Shower or Bathtub

Install a Luxurious Shower or Bathtub

Upgrade your bath with our bathroom remodeling services in the Hamilton, NJ area

If your bathroom needs an update, consider starting with a new walk-in shower or bathtub. Pro Quality Construction Inc. designs and remodels bathrooms in Hamilton, NJ and surrounding areas. We can provide a bathroom remodeling design with photorealistic imaging to show you what your new space will look like. Work with us right away to reimagine your bathroom.

Find out the benefits of a walk-in shower

Bathroom remodels are great on their own, but they're also great for jump-starting a whole-home remodeling project. Many of our bathroom remodeling clients begin by installing walk-in showers, and for good reason. Walk-in showers are:

  • Spacious, elegant and luxurious
  • Easy to keep clean, thanks to stain- and moisture-resistant tile
  • Customizable with anything from rainfall shower heads to steam baths
  • Beautiful in any size, shape or style of bathroom

Additionally, if someone in your family has mobility challenges, they might find a walk-in shower more accessible. Its entrance doesn't require stepping over a high ledge. For homeowners with a need for current or future accessibility, this is an excellent feature.

Contact us now to find out more about our bathroom remodeling services. Our expert designers based in Hamilton, NJ can replace your damaged or outdated shower or bathtub with a sleek new model in no time.

Bathroom remodels are not only the best way to increase the value of your home, but are also area of the home to start your home remodel projects. Walk in showers are the best way to start your bathroom renovation, and for good reason. They're spacious, elegant and accessible. They're easy to keep clean, thanks to stain and moisture resistant tile. They offer wide range of possibilities, from rainfall shower heads to steam baths. And, most of all, they're beautiful in any bathroom, no matter your style.

Walk-in showers have several advantages over regular showers or the "shower in the bath". The first benefit is related to cleaning. Tile tends to be easier to clean than the typical porcelain of shower interiors; it doesn't hold on to grime and dirt the same way. You also son't have to deal with dirty, moldy, shower curtains that need to be changed all the time.

Another wonderful advantage is that walk-in shower fit in any bathroom size. You suit the shower design to your actual space, and you don't need to struggle to put typically sized showers into a room that might be small, or of an unusual shape. You can use what you have!

One benefit that can't be forgotten is that walk-in shower are much more accessible than baths. If someone in your family has mobility challenges, walk-in showers are the perfect solution, as they don't require stepping over a high ledge. And it's an investment in your own future, as you may yourself grow into mobility issues as you get older. For homeowners with a view for future accessibility, this is the perfect shower to install in your home. It increases your home's value and makes it attractive to a wider range of buyers.